What is MOMAccm?

MOMAccm is the Motorbike Builders´ Contest that will be organized in MotoMadrid event.

What is MOMAccm about?

In MOMAccm, motorbike builders and customizers are asked to present their creations to compete in different categories, and from the winner of each category, one will be judged the best bike in the contest (Best of the Show).

The philosophy of MOMAccm is not just displaying the product, but the team behind it. To this end, instead of being just a carpet where motorbikes are exhibited, it’s a showcase where builders and customizers have the option to present their product to the general public.

Who can participate in MOMAccm?

Anyone who is presenting a motorcycle to contest; these must be approved by the Technical Secretary to guarantee a high level among the bikes presented.

Who forms the jury of the MOMAccm?

Four professionals of the sector form the jury. The jury is formed is to cover all aspects to be considered in the construction of a bike, such as: engineering, design, finishes, etc.

Is the paintwork of the bikes presented in the competition evaluated?

Yes, in fact MOMAccm understands that this is a field that must be valued by specific professionals from the sector. For this reason, a specific jury formed by professionals in this field will make the evaluation of this part of the competition.

How is the evaluation of the presented motorbikes done?

The jury visits the motorbikes at each stand of the contestants. Each participant is granted five minutes to explain the work done. The jury will ask the questions they consider appropriate and will submit the score in a corresponding form.

The motorbike must start at that moment.

Once all motorbikes have been visited and immediately after, all votes will be kept in an envelope that will be collected for counting. From that moment, votes cannot be changed.

To be counted, votes will be returned to the jury. Each member will read the votes and the Secretary will record them to determine the winners.

Once prizes are awarded, the votes of the jury will remain available for the participants to review.

This way we maintain impartiality of the jury, avoiding campaigns to favour a particular motorbike by any member, and thereby ensuring the impartiality and transparency throughout the entire process.


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